The Global Impact Of The Travel And Tourism Industry Essay

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Hospitality plays a major role in the international economy and in millions of peoples lives everyday. The industry provides countless jobs and opportunities to those who aspire to entertain and provide accommodation for others through hotels, restaurants, and events. The global impact of the travel and tourism industry in 2014 is roughly $2.36 trillion USD as a direct contribution, and $7.58 trillion as a total contribution (“Travel & Tourism”). Due to the hospitality industry having a relatively large factor in the economy, it is important for a country to have a sound industry to stimulate growth to keep the nation strong. No country does this better than Japan. Japan is known worldwide for their outstanding customer service and hospitality based on the philosophy of motenashi; they have truly perfected the art of the hospitality industry as a whole. Tourists from all over the world have recognized this, and have taken an interest in experiencing it for themselves. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, Japan has experienced a 29% increase of inbound tourists in 2014 and an estimated 48.2% increase from January to October 2015 (“2014”; “2015”). Japanese hospitality and the philosophy of motenashi is truly worth studying because it can teach other countries a lot on how they can improve their hospitality industries as well. The essence of Japanese hospitality lies in the philosophy of motenashi, or receiving and entertaining a guest. It originally…

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