The Global Human Capital Trends Essay

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In order for organizations to compete in a rapidly increasing globalized business market organizations must invest with a purpose in learning and development of its leaders. Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015 report shared that while many of the organizations surveyed believe corporate learning and development of leaders is extremely important many are unequipped to handle this challenge. The capabilities/skills gap challenge between an organization 's existing competencies and the skills it needs to achieve its strategic business goals is significant. 46% of US executives are anxious that their workforce does not have the business-related skills needed…of these, 66% expect losing business to their competitors; 64% anticipate a loss in revenue; 59% consider they will see a downturn in customer satisfaction.
Organizations that invest in transforming into a continuous learning institution while focusing on development of its leaders become more responsive, flexible, and adaptable when internal and external threats arise. M3 Consulting assists organizations in conquering a challenging global business milieu by utilizing our exceptional research and extensive experience in business consulting. We will enhance organizations capabilities, generate forward innovation, and produce practical solutions for strategic leadership and organizational development in several business segments. A few specializations include development and implementation of strategy,…

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