The Global High Technology Firms Essay

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Theme 2: Some companies, including most global high-technology firms, accepted technical work credentials from overseas and counted skilled work experiences during job applications. Although many of the participants with higher education obtained no results from their applications to professional positions, exceptions were found among China-born immigrants with technical training. Participant P10 had a B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering and worked as a crane technician in China for about nine years before immigrating to Canada. He then studied for a Masters of Engineering degree in Montreal and obtained a similar job as a crane technician in an international company in the GTA. P10 has remained in this position for more than 12 years. He reported that he owned a detached suburban house in an upper-middle class neighborhood and intended to buy rental income properties for investment in the coming years. P10 claimed that employers accepted and considered his high level of education, his work credentials, and his technological work experiences from China when he applied for technical careers, especially in a global organization.
Similarly, Participant P11 found that his M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering was useful when he applied for engineering jobs in the GTA. After he divorced and ended his self-employed moving business in 2008, P11 joined the Skill for Change workshop, an occupational bridging program offered by a local immigrant organization. P11…

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