The Global Footprint Network And Its Impact On The Environment

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Many people know of the idea of Carbon footprints, but do not think of the wider concept of ecological footprints. This measures not only carbon emissions but includes energy use, water use, and waste production of a person, or population. This is measured against the ability of the environment to supply these needs, many times leading to a deficit (Global Footprint Network, 2015). The world population uses 1.6 times the resources available of the planet (Global Footprint Network, 2015) and with the continued trend of reproduction this number is going to rise in the future. While everyday citizens do not think too much of how far strawberries in January had to travel and what kind of processes even made that possible, they are there nonetheless and a majority of people do not want that extreme luxury to disappear. Personally, I would need 3.7 earths if everyone followed my lifestyle. I use 16.6 global acres and 27 gallons of water daily. However, that only accounts for direct water usage; I am going to look at the amount of water needed to create my favorite meal: a bacon cheeseburger and fries, with drink, from Five Guys.
Beginning with the least complex, the drink. All Five Guys restaurants include a Coke freestyle machine, that allow for over one hundred combinations of all of Coca-Cola products by mixing in flavored syrups to the regular drink flavor mixes (Winzelberg, 2012). The machines work through the infusion of tap water with CO₂ to make soda water. The syrup for…

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