The Global Epidemic Of Infectious Diseases Essay

817 Words Oct 7th, 2014 4 Pages
The global epidemic of infectious diseases is a major concern and will continue to be until more steps are taken to control it. History has proven the lack of control we have when it comes to disease. A real solution to infectious diseases spread by globalization is nearly nonexistent. The only solution that will succeed won 't be through solving the problem as a whole, but to control certain points of the disease and how it is transmitted. We can achieve this by making new international and local laws, increasing surveillance throughout the country, creating more public health research and controlling different levels of transportation. According to the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, a disease is controlled if it is no longer effecting the general population. The first possible solution would be making new international and local laws. This could be a great solution to control disease, it would make transmission and spread of the disease slower. New laws could control citizen 's lives more, this would mean that the governments role in daily life would increase significantly. Governments could implement laws that requires a certain sanitation requirement in order to leave your house and interact with others. Leaders around the world would have the option to make their countries safer from disease by enforcing new, stricter laws. If governments successfully communicated with each other the risk of a disease epidemic would dramatically reduce. Although all these…

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