The Global Energy Balance Network Essay

1138 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Despite the emphasis the media and society seem to put on dieting in order to lose and maintain weight, large corporations are trying to accentuate the importance of exercise over a nutritious diet. Recently, a new organization known as the Global Energy Balance Network has backed the idea that people should get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories in order to maintain or lose weight. The Global Energy Balance Network has published two research papers claiming that the best way to prevent weight gain is to maintain an active lifestyle and eat more calories. This differs from many other studies which believe that there must be a balance between diet and exercise in order to lose weight. For instance, one of the most rigorous studies of physical activity and weight loss, published in the journal Obesity, found that after overweight, sedentary individuals exercised five to six hours per week for a year, but kept their same diets, lost an average of less than four pounds. What has got many health experts up in arms about this organization is that even though the group has reputable scientists, Coca-Cola has made significant financial contributions to support the organization. So far, Coca-Cola has provided $1.5 million to start the organization plus nearly $4 million since 2008 to two of the organization’s founding members, Dr. Steven N. Blair of the University of South Carolina and Dr. Gregory A. Hand of West Virginia University for various projects. In…

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