The Global Conflict Of World War II Essay

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The global conflict of World War II left deep internal scars on vast variety of different people. The decade of the 1930s, followed by twelve desperate years of the Great Depression, further intensified the social atmosphere. Americans ' involvement in World War II became the necessary factor which lifted the United States out of the Great Depression. The strong desire for renew prosperity motivated the social and economic patterns back at home. As the outcome of the Second World War was turning in Allied 's favor, millions of citizens celebrated for their nation 's victory. However, this conclusion resulted in numerous problematic issues leading to the tension-filled era of the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union. The original "glue" which held the Allied Power together was their goal to eliminate the common enemies, Nazism Germany and militarism Japan. With their mission nearly completed the mutual relation slowly start to drift apart. Even though the US and Soviet Union were allies in World War II, there was always a slight mistrust and suspicion between them. As the US began to vividly see Soviet Union 's reasons behind entering war against Germany, their tension further intensified making them into two implacable enemies in the Cold War. Therefore, between 1941 to 1953 the relationship between US and Soviet Union grew in great distress due to the incoherent suspicions, differing visions of the postwar world, and the spread of terror between the two great…

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