Essay about The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

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The Glass Menagerie is an extremely successful piece of literature by Tennessee Williams. Williams’s play was first written in 1944 and reflects on a unique view into the fragileness of a families’ structure. The story touches on preexisting social norms and values within society. In a world of complex characters, Laura Wingfield character speaks volumes. Williams describes Laura as a painfully shy, self-conscious young woman, who is physical disabled as a result of a childhood illness. She lives in a world of illusions and fantasy, spending her time collecting glass figurines. Williams characterization of Laura leads to misleading and misrepresenting stereotypes regarding individuals who are crippled.
The setting of the play takes place in St. Louis, Missouri in the Wingfield family apartment. As the play begins, the reader in thrust into the memories of Tom Wingfield, who is the narrator of the story. The play is centered around Tom, his mother Amanda, and his younger sister Laura. After being abandon by his father, Tom puts aside his dreams of becoming a writer and becomes the families support and breadwinner. Toms character is often seen as trapped, making hidden references of his predicament throughout the story. He longs to obtain his freedom similar to his father. He has the desire to abandon the responsibility of taking care of his overbearing mother and disabled sister. Tom only true escape from the job, family life is his recurring trips to the movies. However, Tom…

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