The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams Essay

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In “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, the Wingfield family is a very broken one. The Wingfield family represents the average family living in St. Louis at the time of 1937. They consisted of the mother, Amanda, the older daughter, Laura, the younger son, Tom, and the nameless father.
In the beginning of the play the father is absent and represented by a picture on the wall. He would “stay out late” and drink and one day he never came back (940). The reader gets a feeling that the father was never happy settling down and that he did so because it was expected. Throughout the play, Williams puts out a sense that the mother despises him for leaving the family and that the son in a way admires him for the very same reason.
Tom emulates his father in a variety of ways including his absent behavior during the night and craving more out of life. He would go to the movies every night and stay out late and drink; the reader sees him come home from the movies one night drunk (936-938). Tom clearly cares deeply about his sister otherwise he would have left the family, like his father did, long ago since him and his mother do not get along. Tom, while in an argument with his mother about what he is doing with his life and how he needs to be more supportive of the family, tells her that he would “be where he is – GONE” (935). This provides foreshadowing of what will come at the end of the play with Tom and his decision to leave. He also knows how much this will…

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