Essay on The Glass Ceiling Is An Invisible

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Discrimination has been around for thousands of years, whether it be racial, gender, or otherwise. Although we have come far in pushing and enforcing equality, there are still some instances where discrimination takes place. One of these examples would be gender discrimination. More specifically, gender discrimination in the workplace. Women are continuously being looked down on and underestimated in their workplaces by not only men, but sexist women also. I believe that although we have come far in gender equality, there are many areas where women are treated unfairly such as the glass ceiling, gender stereotypes, and harassment.
The glass ceiling has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. Basically, the glass ceiling is an invisible and generally unacknowledged barrier that prevents women and minorities from advancing in their careers in the workplace. Many people choose to ignore this subject because they feel the glass ceiling is a myth, which is not the case. "Working women are paid less than their male counterparts, excluded from the most interesting and challenging work assignments, arbitrarily denied promotions and regularly experience sexual harassment, even assault, in the workplace." (Institute for Women 's Policy Research 1) There are many occasions where women are prevented from advancing further in their careers because of the sole reason that men are consistently receiving the promotions over the women, regardless of education, experience, or many…

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