The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Essays

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The relationship between father and daughter, under the right circumstances, should be cherished for eternity. In the memoir The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls recounts the relationships between Rex Walls, her father, and all of his daughters. For the reason that the story is told through the eyes of Jeannette the father-daughter relationship focused on the most is that of herself and her father. Jeannette and her siblings, Lori, Brian and Maureen, had an unorthodox upbringing due to their parents crazy antics and behavior. They had a childhood full of broken down homes, empty stomachs, no money, and the children became parentified as well. Rex was a mean alcoholic who spent all the family’s money on beer or cigarettes. Rosemary, Rex’s wife and the children’s mother, was a hopeless dreamer, a free spirit that thought about herself before she thought about anyone else. Luckily for the Walls children they were able to leave their parents home and make lives for themselves. Lori Walls is Rex’s oldest daughter and child. In the beginning Lori and Rex have a very nonchalant relationship. She is almost distant from the family, always in her own little bubble (most likely reading). Lori was very close to Rosemary considering they share many passions such as reading, literature, and art. Back when Lori was four years old, she was stung by a poisonous scorpion. “But dad didn 't trust hospitals, so he took her to a Navajo witch doctor who cut open the wound and put dark brown…

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