Essay on The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

1508 Words Feb 11th, 2016 null Page
After reading Jeannette Walls’s book The Glass Castle, I learned that there are many themes within the novel that could apply to other people’s lives. Some of the things that happened in Jeannette’s life was that she and her family kept moving around because her dad couldn’t keep a steady job, her father being an alcoholic, and many other things. I also learned that a few of those themes apply to my life or my past life. I can relate to Jeannette’s story because my dad is an alcoholic and I had to deal with and overcome after a certain amount of time.
When I was first placed in my father’s arms at the hospital, I had no idea of what to expect out of him while growing up. I was a happy and bubbly little girl throughout my childhood. I loved spending time with my family. I enjoyed being with my mom, dad, and sisters. Things were great. My dad seemed like a normal man. He seemed like a typical father and a typical person. Nothing appeared to be wrong with him. Yes, he probably made mistakes that I didn’t know about. But, I always thought that’s what people did. They had their flaws, and that’s what made them human. I remember my dad always going outside or into the garage for some reason. Then, I would remember him coming inside and smelling different. Of course, I didn’t know what the smell was. But, I remember it being a foul smell. Then, I became used to it. I began to think of it as my dad’s scent or his normal scent because he always smelled like that. I had no problem…

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