Essay on The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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In the Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls writes about her early childhood struggles, which included some of her mom’s crazy episodes. Jeannette knows that her mom has some degree of mental illness that had caused her emotional breakdowns, bipolar behavior, compulsive lying, and lack of responsibility. It was also clear that Mrs. Walls lacked common sense and reason when she had possession of a million dollar property but refused to use the money to pay for the family’s needs. In the end, the children were able to cope with their mom’s instability. They found out how to understand her and how to effectively communicate with her. When Jeannette released her memoir, many readers came forward to share similar stories of mentally unstable relatives. This type of illness is still relevant in today’s society, and it affects many families as it did the Walls in Glass Castle. Mental illness develops when someone’s thinking process and emotions aren’t functioning normally, and it affects that person’s daily activities and how that person interacts with others. Even if two people have the same mental health disorder, their lifestyles will be affected in different ways (“Mental Health Conditions”). In the Glass Castle, Mrs. Walls’ depression caused a lack of motivation to find work and caused several emotional outbursts. In America alone, millions of families are affected by mental illness in some way. The subject of mental disorders is a very broad topic of illness. There are many types…

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