Essay on The Gladiatorial Games Of The Roman Empire

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Spectacle and thrill were a major component of life in the ancient Roman empire. The gladiatorial games could perhaps be considered the favorite form of entertainment among Romans at the time. The gladiators themselves came from a variety of different walks of life. Roman spectacle took place in arenas, and they occurred in a great deal of forms. The gladiatorial games are often confused with gladiatorial executions; however, the two are in fact quite different. One question that has intrigued academics for centuries is, “how could a society as advanced as the Romans be wooed by a spectacle as violent and gory as the gladiatorial games?” There are many answers to this question, one of them being that the games and spectacles were the main form of entertainment in the Roman Empire, so eradicating them would have been nearly impossible. Yet another argument is that human beings are inherently violent, thus the bloodier the entertainment, the better. In short, Roman gladiators were heroes of the arena and victims of the Romans’ thirst for violence who lived complicated and difficult lives for the entertainment of others. Spectacle in all its forms was wildly popular in Roman society. Throughout the entirety of the Roman empire, its citizens were obsessed with a wide variety of violent expositions. Following the construction of the Colosseum in 80 CE this fascination grew ever larger. Although the gladiatorial games were often the headline show of Roman spectacle, a variety of…

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