The Giving Pledge By Bill And Melinda Gates And Warren Buffet

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The giving pledge is a project led by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warrant Buffet, whose purpose is to give out of their money and help organizations and people, by donation half of their wealth to charities. These two billionaires asked other billionaires in the United States to do the same thing and donate half of their fortune to a charity of their interest. They are doing this project mainly to help other people and studies about vaccines, but also to show that they do not need all of their money and wealth.

The text My Philanthropic Pledge by Warren Buffett, 2010, describes how Warren Buffet was so lucky that he got to where he is today. The text is written by Warren Buffet himself and explains his family and what he will do with the money
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Try paying fair wages and tax´´, by Peter Wilby, 2010. The text is about the bad side of the rich people and what cons there is about donating to these organizations. They donate to get around the tax, and when they donate they market their product and get even more money. They donate to show a good example of themselves, but they will not help their workers, and give them better work environment. They are trying to avoid taxes and even though they donate their money, they will still be rich. Peter has a bad attitude about this project and he has a much smaller world aspect. Page. 2 Line 44- 49. He is looking at employers who already are earning money and living a life rather than people who cannot find food and do not have a roof over their …show more content…
Try paying fair wages and tax. I agree with some of Peter Wilbys accusations such as the rich are getting richer by donating tax-free money to organizations to exempt from the tax. They have all the money and power they need. They are big investors and producers, but what I think is bad about these organizations is that they are bragging and making a big scene out of this. If you donate money you should not tell the whole world about it, they money you gave will be remembered by whom you gave it to. They are indeed getting richer as new products and donations are coming in, so it is great that they are donating. The thing I disagree with is that Peter means that they should set the employers priority as number one. There are more people in need of these donations, than workers who already earn money and can somehow supply for themselves. There are many poor and there are worse people out there, there are people who have trouble finding food and do not even have a roof over their head. I think that charities are a great thing, because people need to help one another and not be greedy. They need it the most. Vaccine and people in bad conditions should be the number one priority. However, I think that they are doing a wonderful action by donating money to those in need. We all need to donate some of our money to charities and help other

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