Essay on The Giver By Mary Lois Lowry

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Lucid Simplicity Beginnings; from disorder and chaos, from great suffering and great pain, from confusion and envy and hatred there came a solution. A community in which feelings were fleeting, from the ashes of the ruin, the community were built, protected by the boundary to Elsewhere. The Giver is a coming of age story detailing the life of young oracle Jonas. He has unique abilities, dreams, and desires. Jonas ' role in the novel is to over throw the conflict of no conflict by revealing the governments’ systematic betrayal of organized communism. Jonas lives in a utopia that has no war, famine or other means of suffering but they also do not feel or have any memory of the past. Jonas and The Giver stand against the community in ways that their society will not understand. They must trust one another against the blind society. The Giver is a novel that makes us think about our own lives and how we can become better as a society. Lois Lowry is a classic when it comes to Marxism. She has many different ways of showing it throughout her novels. She does not write a full ending to The Giver because she values individuality. Lois Lowry wants her readers as well as the greater public to respect diversity and growth simultaneously. In Marxism we are forced to examine how reality is and how it needs to be altered. Marxism is a just theory grounded on the principles of culture conditioning in a naive society. The relevance between the two are obvious because the utopia is in a…

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