The Giver, By Lois Lowry Essay

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Every society needs a governing power, but where is the line drawn in order to keep everything fair? In Lois Lowry’s The Giver, the main character Jonas lives in a world controlled by The Committee of Elders. Though the government aims to promote sameness in their community and rid the people of harmful feelings the committee is abusing their power and taking away the society’s free will. The Committee of Elders actions exemplify the contemporary anxiety that comes from being oppressed by a totalitarian government through acts such as brainwashing, the use of a surveillance system, and censorship. The act of brain changing is the same as brainwashing and it is sometimes used in our current society. Brainwashing is generally used for military purposes in times of interrogation. The act is normally used to break people down and get the truth out of them. In Anthony Dick Lee’s dissertation, Brainwashing and Totalitarian Influence, he informs readers, “the C.I.A. 's understanding of the essence of creating deployable agents, "washing brains" was meant to express metaphorically the concept of eradicating prior mental patterns, national commitments, ideological loyalties, personal identities, etc. as the fundamental condition for such a change process to occur” (Anthony 69). Brainwashing tactics were used on opponents and threats to the military and never used to transform the minds of a society. The act of brainwashing can be carried out in many ways, “According to Hunter,…

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