Essay about The Girls Written By Lori Lansens

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Appreciating and Embracing our Unique Identities
For me, I had always thought that literature was used as a scapegoat mechanism to escape reality, even if it was for a short period of time. Although I do not read as much before, I believe literary works allow us to analyze the deeper implicit meaning behind the ideas being presented by society. Before this course, I had failed to realize the impact to which a novel impacts the way I identify myself and appreciate my unique personality. This analysis helped me realize that not all forms of literature are true to reality. As a result, I believe that reading literature teaches us to appreciate and embrace our own identities to some extent.
Identity and realizing our own purpose in life sometimes takes years, or even a lifetime to figure out. The hardships we face assist us in determining who we are based on how we react in difficult situations. This is evident in the novel entitled The Girls written by Lori Lansens. The author shares the struggles two identically conjoined twins (protagonists) face in figuring out their own sense of identity, along with finding a purpose to their unique lives. Even though the girls are conjoined at the head, they find themselves questioning their own identities. In the novel, both Rose and Ruby are told that they can pass away at any time due to an aneurysm:
I have this strange sense that the thing in my brain has a mind of its own, and I imagine it’s vindictive too. I don’t want to make it…

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