The Girls Who Ran Away Essay examples

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The girls who ran away

For many years the concept of adoption was masked by a set of social values. These values has influenced many people 's life. While the process of adopting a child is complex, the understanding and the discovery of each child 's relinquishing story is more difficult and enlightening. In the book, " The Girls Who Went Away", by Ann Fessler, the journey of adoptees ' mothers are narrated in several stages. These stages covers pregnancy, social forces, shame, family 's contributions to the stories, replacement of the mother, the reaction before and after labor, and reunion.

In chapter one, Fessler introduces her experience and her journey of finding her mother. This served as an introduction to many other stories that breaks the social stigmas and reveal the truth about adoption.

In chapter two, Fessler addresses the social views, myths, of premarital pregnancy and relinquishing children for adoption during the ninth century. For every action and believe, there is always a social prospective associated with them. These prospective can be positive or negative based on the education and acceptance of social groups and communities to the topic. Looking back on how people viewed premarital sex and adoption points out the phases of social acceptance. One of these major influences of social acceptance on individual is shame. It is a very terrifying idea that one may be ashamed or forced into compliance to satisfy other 's believes specially in…

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