How Music Affects A Person's Life

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The Girl You Think I am.

Music has always played a critical role in many people 's lives. Recently, researchers have began to ponder the idea that a person’s music taste may say a lot about them. Music plays a very large role in a person’s personality. Some may say that music creates the person, and some may say that the person chooses the music. I, however agree with those who say music creates the person.
When children are growing up, they are heavily influenced by their surroundings. These surroundings may include the town they live in, their parents economic class, the state they live in, and even what music they listen to. When I was younger, my parents always were listening to country music. In the car, in the house, wherever
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Some may think that the type of person we are affects the type of music we listen to and others may think that the type of music we listen to affects who we are. According to “The Role of Music in Everyday Life: Current Directions in the Social Psychology of Music” by Peter J. Rentfrow, “It is based on the belief that media have a direct impact on how people think, feel, and behave” (Rentfrow 403). This quote explains that media impacts psychological behaviors such as thinking, emotions and feelings. Since music can be classified as media we can predict that music too impacts how people think, behave, and feel. In my opinion, when we listen to specific music we attempt to make our lives similar to that song. I know that I would rather listen to music about living a happy life rather than listen to music about drugs and …show more content…
This quote is an excellent example of people wanting to listen to music that makes them feel good inside. Mood and emotions are very important roles and indicators of what kind of personality that person may have. Dovey made a good point when she said that music helps bring out certain emotions that the listener desires. A happy person is most likely going to listen to music that makes them feel happy and a sad person is most likely going to listen to songs that coexist with the sadness that they are feeling. Someone who is sad may not want to listen to a happy and upbeat song because it may remind them of their unhappiness or what is causing their sadness . However, everyone is

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