The Girl With Big Dreams Essay examples

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The Girl with Big Dreams This is me. The girl from a small town with big dreams. It all comes down to this moment, the one you 've studied and prepared so hard for. Although it is nothing like the loud, student full classroom compared to the quiet, emptiness feel in the ER room. And your mind it is just you and the patient, nothing else matters. You 're frozen in time. Pants pressed against this strangers chest, compressions until sweat forms on your face and your arms go weak. This life is literally in the palms of your hands. I 've always been athletic but more than that I 've always wanted to help other people. My determination has knockdown many life obstacles and brought success into my accomplishments and hobbies. Goldstar as a wish and stay that way until you bring them to reality and reach them. I will reach my goals and future success with my passion for nursing and my drive of determination with and addition of volunteering. For starters, to be a nurse personal qualities need to be shown, which include: A sense of humor, compassion for your job, a deep understanding of life, hope for the hopeless, and pride in putting your name badge on in being able to call yourself a nurse. It just so happens I contain all these qualities within me. Along with others such as: determination, Drive, power, leadership, and being confident. These were put to the test when I beat the girl squat record at South campus in 2014. I use these in the simple hobbies of reading and writing…

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