The Girl On The Train Essays

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“The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide” -Hannah Arendt. This quotation expresses the way lying is a coverup for a bigger problem that someone wishes to hide. Lying is done on purpose in order to deceive someone just like in the novel The Girl on the Train. In this novel, characters such as the protagonist, Rachel, an alcoholic and Tom, Rachel’s ex husband both play a role in deceiving others. In The Girl on the Train Hawkins examines the way which lying dismantles people’s communication, creates distance, establishes obstacles, clouds the truth, and breaks up communication through the relationships of Anna and Tom, Rachel and the police, Megan and Scott and Anna and Megan. Firstly, Hawkins identifies the way which lying destroys communication and creates distance shown through Tom’s relationship with his wife Anna. Tom is a manipulative liar who intends to deceive others. His meticulous steps keep him out of trouble, until his wife begins to find out his real intentions. Once Tom finds out his lies are not imperceptible to Anna he says, “yeah, well, that’s what I told you, darling, because I knew you’d get upset if I saw her. [...] - I lied. Anything for an easy life” (235). Tom has been in other relationships before, and they have had the same outcome. Tom genuinely only cares about himself; that he obtains what satisfies his needs. Anna becomes sceptical of…

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