The Girl On The Train Essay

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Taking a commuter train to work is very common in populated cities. Although train rides differ in length, they reduce the amount of traffic in small, condensed areas. The Girl on the Train takes place in London, England. Rachel Watson takes the train to and from work every day. When Rachel rides to work, she looks out of her window and makes up scenarios about the people in the homes she passes. She names two of the people Jess and Jason, who are really named Scott and Megan Hipwell, and they live a few houses down from Rachel’s ex-husband. One day on the way to work, Rachel witnesses Megan with another man that is not her husband. The next day, Megan is missing, and Rachel believes she has valuable information that could be used in the case. She is unsure what to do at that point, but knows she needs to do everything in her power to find the truth about what really happened. In this journal, I will be connecting to the English 10 unit of Identity, Truth, and Love.

Identity is a very common theme in this book. One example is that Rachel is searching to find and rediscover herself. She lost her husband of five years and recently lost her job. She is also an alcoholic and is seeking counseling from Dr. Abdic. Drinking is a big problem in Rachel’s life, as she tells Kamal in counseling: “I was trying to get pregnant. I couldn’t, and I became depressed. That’s when it started” (Hawkins 206). Another connection is Megan Hipwell, who is also dealing with identity issues as a…

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