The Girl On The Train And The Good Girl Analysis

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“The Girl on the Train” and “The Good Girl” are both novels which fall under the psychological thriller genre. The Girl on the Train recounts the tale of Rachel Watson’s life after her divorce, and her interaction with the current wife of her former spouse. The Silent Wife, on the other hand, documents the relationship struggle and its consequences of Todd Gilbert and Jodie Brett. Both the novel have differing plot but gives us the similar feeling of suspense and anxiety while reading them. In this review I will begin by writing two mini-reviews, about The Girl on the Train and The Silent Wife. I will sum up stories of both the books, discuss the writer, and analyze their structure. Paula Hawkins was born in 1972, to a British couple in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe). She later moved to London and completed her undergraduate degree in philosophy, politics and economics from Keble College, University of Oxford. She has written three novels till date named The Money Goddess, Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista and The Girl on the Train. In 2014, Hawkins wrote The Girl on the train, a psychological thriller …show more content…
Harrison was born in Canada in 1948. She has lived in Toronto her own life and has written many books. In 2013, Harrison wrote The Silent Wife, the novel that has been translated into ten different languages. She died of cancer shortly before the publication of her novel. The Silent Wife is story that shows the gradual breaking of a marriage. The Silent Wife has a similar structure like The Girl on the Train, which means that the book follows a more than one-person narrative while portraying the story. The book opens with the husband and wife as the central characters. This allows Harrison not only to narrate a storyline, but also to show different outlook of a broken marriage through the perspective of husband and wife. This structure helps the reader to get on the insight of two sides to a same

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