Essay about The Gilded Age

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During the Gilded Age, otherwise known as the Progressive Era, there was a mass explosion in innovation to generate political, economic, and technological changes. Although there were detrimental changes in American cities during Urbanization, such as the spoils system, political machines, and robber barons, the majority of these changes were beneficial towards the evolution of today’s society, which is demonstrated by technological advances like Carnegie Steel and Edison’s light bulb, revolutionizing sanitary reforms sparked from books such as Jacob Riis’s How the Other Half Lives, and Carnegie and Rockefeller 's rise of industry.
During Urbanization, politicians developed new methods of gaining supporters; one of the most important ways is the spoils system. The spoils system was when politicians would promise something in return for one’s support. For example, Boss Tweed, leader of a Democratic Party political machine, took control of New York’s treasury and took out large sums of money. When he was taken into custody, it forced American citizens to become more cynical of political officers. As he had robbed New York City of more than a couple million dollars by lying to other politicians and taking advantage of Irish immigrants. In addition, such political machines, including Boss Tweed, provided services in exchange for patronage (Document 5). Since many immigrants who came to America were poor, political machines would offer jobs to them, as well as food, to help…

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