The Gifts Of Imperfection : My Experience Being Class Representative

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I wanted to recap on the gifts of imperfection because they taught me many lessons while reading this book. Brown has given me a new perspective or lens to look through as it relates to courage, compassion, and connection. Personally, I tend to be a person who seeks to please and receive approval from others in order to feel good enough at time. Therefore, I really don’t allow myself to be vulnerable in certain circumstances because I don’t know how others will react to it. This has caused me to be hindered in ways that I could have been set free. Learning about courage really allowed me to discover that when I am able to be vulnerable, I am displaying courage rather than allowing shame to control me.
A personal short story that can share is my experience being Class Representative. Every since I was elected to be class rep I have been trying to do the best I can to fulfill the duties of the position. It as if when I accepted the position I made it up in my mind or given myself a persona that I have to be on top of studies all the time, I have no room for error, and represent my class in an exemplary way. Well, if the truth is, sometimes I miss the mark. When I do, I feel a sense of disappointment and feel as though I can’t disclose it to them at times. I always wonder if they are proud to have me as their class representative, and if I told them I get behind sometimes how would the react. Therefore, I am trapped in the persona that I have created for myself that I am not…

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