The Gift Of The Magi By O. Henry Essay example

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Sacrificing something for the person you love is not always easy and it never will be. The only comfort you will be able to feel is seeing the smile on their faces. In “The gift of the Magi” by O. Henry talks about sacrifices that are made in the name of love. Love is sacrificing your own happiness even if it means losing the one object you most care about. Nothing is more comforting than giving all you having to that one special person who means the word to you and you meaning the same to them. Feeling comfort in your heart is the only true comfort that love offers. Some people don 't understand the meaning of love, love is not something you take for granted being in love means making an important commitment and being able to show the love. Some sacrifices are harder that other but they all are considered an act of love if you really mean it. For instance being a father and having to leave from home and from the people you love to be able to get a well-paid job and keep your family from suffering any kind of economical discomfort. Sacrifices aren’t just made for family but for you to. Not seeing a family member for week’s even months is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to maintain and help your family by providing money, food, clothes and paying bills. It 's sacrificing your life working hard hours, seven days a week working and only being able to come home once every three months before departing away again and leaving all the people who mean the world to yet all that is worth…

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