The Gift Of Life Essay

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The Gift of Life There are two types of donors, living and deceased. Deceased individuals can donate their whole body, even if the individual endured health challenges such as; diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. The utilitarian body parts such as the eyes, lung, heart, kidney, intestines, bladder or liver are common organs, individuals use when donating to ill patients in the country. Organ donators are willing contributors whose body parts may be properly functioning and healthy for donation as a gift of extending life. Donating organs or even donating an entire body can possibly promote the use of scientific research and studies to test for cures while offering a second chance to save lives in the world. Organ donations offer the gift of life and is ethical since it honors a new organ to rejuvenate the body after organ failure to extend quality living, awareness to increase the recipient’s position to receive organs, and eliminate organ transplants financial hardship. Rejuvenation of the body after organ failure extends quality living, and it decreases the health risk and symptoms the recipients may currently endure. Some health situations are more critical than others, although, there is nothing positive about individuals who health does not ensure quality of life due to various types of illnesses within the temple of their bodies. Health issues can play a major role in a person’s physical mobility, emotions, and life expectancy periods day to day. Kidney…

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