The Giant 's Fighting Scene From Spike Lee 's Better Blues Essay

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The Giant’s fighting scene from Spike Lee’s Mo’s better blues is a really interesting scene in terms of lighting scheme, camera composition, etc.
The sequence opens with an establishing master shot #1 of Giant going to the restroom. Shot #2 is a medium close up shot of Giant. Behind him are two men peeking from the stalls. This foreshadows the trouble Giant might be facing. The director uses the division of surface in order to show the conflict between the men and Giant. The focus of the shot shifts from Giant to the men and follow focus as they grab Giant. Shot #3 is a medium shot, more like a two shot, of all four people. The 4th shot is an establishing shot of the on-going show in the bar. The red lighting of the overall area gives the audience a feeling of separation between what is occupying Bleek and what is happening behind the scenes with Giant. Shot 5 and 9 are medium shots continuing from the shot #3. The shots track the movements of the bad guys dragging Giant out of the bar to the back alley. The director makes use of slow motion in order to put more emphasis into the intensity of the sequence. He also makes use of color mixing between the red light and the natural light along the hallway. As a result, we experience a further separation between Giant and Bleek. Shot 6 creates a jump cut from shot 5 at normal speed. Giant in this shot tries to shout at Bleek. The normal speed of the shot shows the real time struggle and add attention as it breaks the normal flow…

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