The Gi Bill Of Rights Essay

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In 1945 the United States was able to put the past behind them, and pick themselves back up after a five-year war, and a decade long economic depression. During World War 2 Americas economy produced many war products, but in the 1940s after the war was over the economic frame worked switched to produce goods for the consumers.
Consumerism was significant in the late 1940s and 1950s because many people could enjoy goods that were made for them, as well as new products that they would be later introduced to, and wages were increasing steadily for workers. Because of the money America had saved during the war, America was able to take care of the veterans that had returned from the war. The GI Bill of Rights was passed in order to support the Veterans returning from war, the GI Bill of Rights allowed veterans to achieve a higher education, and have affordable housing.
Consumer culture began to grow steadily, and Americans were able to purchase items that were designed to make life more efficient. Washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowers allowed Americans to take care of their new homes that were available with low interest mortgages. Consumer culture also changes American society; there was a rise in the middle class and white collar jobs due to higher education and suburbanization. Of course the raises in wages allowed workers to afford even more products and housing. Due to the consumer culture the new middle class were working white collar jobs, and the successful…

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