Essay on The Ghost Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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The ghost in scene five, finally talked. It only wanted to talk to hamlet and only him. And in their conversation we found out that he is indeed Hamlet’s father. He told us that he was stuck in pugatory, until his sins are all purged, then he came back seeking for revenge. This gave the audience something to wander about, because if he needed to to purged, why would he commit further sins. This is comething I thought about and I came to multiple comclusions which I explained in the above subtitle. Upon finding out that the ghost is Hamlet’s father, Hamlet was quiet intrigued, and then the ghost told him that he was murdered, not poisoned by a snake like everyone though. And he specifically named king Claudius for murdering him. It then asked Hamlet to avenge his death, but most importantly to remenber him, showing that he is trying to purge his sins but his mind is clouded by hatred of bieng killed, which I do not blame him for. It is perfectly normal but if he is trying to get out of purgatory why would he do this, and worse of all why would he inplicate his own son in this problem. This ghost is commiting a very grave sin.

Act 2: Scene 1
Why is Reynoldo, the servant being sent to Paris?
Reynoldo is being sent to paris, because the king’s councillor wanted him to follow his son Laertes to Paris, because I don’t think he realy trust him. Plus he wanted to see how hge manages himself outside of their home, probably because he may be concerned about him, but…

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