The Ghost Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, there are many uncertainties that are presented throughout the play. Is the ghost Hamlet confides in real or a figment of his imagination? Does Hamlet truly turn mad? Does Hamlet love Ophelia? These questions and many more are wondered by the audience and even by the characters inside of the play. Hamlet is a play about indecisiveness, and thus about Prince Hamlet’s failure to act appropriately. Many instances in Hamlet lead the reader to wonder if the ghost confiding in Hamlet is real. This uncertainty is often argued. If this “ghost” was not real, how can Hamlet know about certain details of his father’s death if nobody was there to witness it? In the play, the audience first meets the ghost when he visits the guards. In awe, the guards summon Horatio. Horatio is skeptical and says the ghost is a “figure like your father” (Shakespeare 1.2.199). If the apparition resembled King Hamlet, it could in fact be Prince Hamlet. After Hamlet is shown the ghost by Horatio he ventures into Ophelia’s chambers where she later describes him to Polonius, as “pale” almost “as if he had been loosed out of hell” (Shakespeare 2.1.83). The description of Hamlet given by Ophelia sounds exactly like the description of a ghost. Hamlet and the ghost also have similar opinions when commenting on Gertrude’s relationship with Claudius. They both want to take revenge on Claudius but also want to spare Gertrude. This is strange considering Gertrude remarried quickly…

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