The Ghost Of Ellis Island, More Than More Than Just A Shrine By Mary Gordon

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As humans, we all are full of different genealogies that may branch back to the American Indians, Pioneers, or even to the other six continents, however, it shouldn’t matter where we come from, as long as we have a purpose to do some good in the world. Our ancestors did just that. In “The Ghost of Ellis Island, More Than Just a Shrine,” by Mary Gordon, our author takes us on the physical and emotional journey that some of our ancestors went on to come to this country for a better life. By coming here, they made America what it was always meant to be, a melting pot. The melting pot of America can be taken either in a good or bad perspective, but in the end, it changed American culture and is the reason most of us are here today. I will be defending …show more content…
The English and French side came to America through Ellis Island and started a new life in Pennsylvania, it was like I could feel their presence in the building. So, I believe that the purpose of this article is to give credit to Ellis Island and everything it did for America. It became so important to the culture and the people, because it gave them the thing they needed and wanted most, the American Dream and the freedom to do so. Even with all of its flaws, the island saved people from their past lives and gave them a new life to live. The degrading and dehumanizing process of Ellis Island may have taken a toll on the immigrants, but they had something even better on the other side. The operation may have changed their names, make them go through extensive medical examinations, or even keep them in the building until they spoke good enough English to go into the real world. Now this may seem like a lengthy and horrible process, but Ellis Island was there to keep everyone safe, immigrant or not. In the end, some people did not pass inspection and were left to die in the walls of Ellis Island because of disease, just sent back, or, because there was no one to go back to, commit suicide. I believe that is part of why she mentions ghosts in her title. The context of this article is Ellis Island, because it was the place to be. It had New York across the way and that’s where the majority of the jobs were. People needed the money to stay in America, so they found homes and started working for “mom and pop” stores, construction, or anything that paid the bills. Ellis Island opened January 1st, 1892 and more than sixteen million immigrants came through those doors, but not all of them made it to New York. Around 250,000 immigrants were rejected and from those, there was

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