The Ghost Map By Stephen Johnson Essay

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A terrible epidemic outbreak in London killing around six hundred and sixteen people had the Englanders terrified. In Stephen Johnson’s book, The Ghost Map, Johnson tells an intriguing, thrilling story about the epidemic and how it was resolved. His main character Snow, and his heroic study to solve the issues causing death in this new, what they thought was a well-built city. Johnson’s progression of his thoughts and the feelings he places in his writing will cause you to think about how the past has made the connecting dots to how we live today.
The Ghost map starts off with the discussion of where the country of England was at this time. Johnson tells about the nasty conditions the people were living in. The Englanders had just started this city, and there had not been big cities like this. The people didn’t know what to do with their waste, so they would just take it and throw out into what they called cesspools. The cesspools waters ran into the Broad Street water pump, where the town was getting there water from. People started getting sick and dying from drinking the contaminated waters. People were terrified and started fleeing the city because they thought it was a disease that had gone airborne and they all would catch it. Two brave men Dr. John Snow and Rev. Henry Whitehead study and tried to get to the source of where the outbreak was coming from. After long studies and questioning of the people who had become sick, Dr. Snow tracked the source of the disease…

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