To The Thawing Wind Analysis Essay

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Theme: Independence, or becoming independent throughout time
Stanza 1: Mysterious tone created by describing the dark forest, which is used to describe the trip of independence for a young adult
Stanza 2: The speaker is scared and wants to almost “hide reality,” but knows they must become independent as they grow older.
Stanza 3: Lighter tone, describing the people in the speaker’s life instead of the landscape surrounding the speaker
Stanza 4: The speaker hopes his loved ones follow him in becoming independent as well, and join him on his journey so he is not alone.
“Ghost House”

Overall Tone: Sad tone, old couple “intruding” a meaningful home
Stanzas 1-3: The speaker describes their home where many people used to live in, until loss came,
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The cold wind blows over the flower constantly in order to get the flower’s attention, but the flower doesn’t notice it. The speaker describes a very human and relatable situation, and how it can end either badly, or have a happy ending.
“To the Thawing Wind”

The wind in the poem is symbolic of the speaker’s somewhat cold isolation. A flower sprouting represents bringing love and care into the world or one's life, which is what the speaker needs most.
Last Two Lines: The speaker is Robert Frost, who needs a break from the outside world, and has this break by writing this poem.
“A Prayer in Spring”

Theme: How G-d expresses love and trust G-d for guidance
Stanzas 1-2: describes how a prayer to G-d for happiness is a reminder that there is happiness all around the world through rebirth and fertility. The speaker is asking G-d for happiness and wants to see the happiness around him, but is unable to. The speaker soon see happiness around him in nature including in the trees.
Stanzas 3-4: The speaker asks G-d to give their friends awareness of beauty and happiness around them. At the end of the poem, the speaker becomes grateful and begins to appreciate what G-d had done for the

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