Essay on The Ghettos Of West Baltimore

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Growing up in the ghettos of West Baltimore is accompanied by numerous everyday struggles. Its residents have to endure gang violence, the marketing of drugs, poverty, and lack of education. Ta-Nehisi Coates, the author of the The Beautiful Struggle, grew up in West Baltimore. Similarly, an episode of the show, The Wire, took place in West Baltimore. Albeit Coates was raised in the 1980’s and the characters in the show were raised in the 2000s, the time periods have no effect on the similar struggles that both parties had to endure. In the less privileged neighborhoods, gangs and gang rivalry are fairly common. Territories are taken seriously and are significantly important to gang members; due to this, territory is constantly fought over. In The Beautiful Struggle, Coates was jumped by a few boys on his way to school, simply because he went through a shortcut on the wrong side of town. This situation is comparable to a scene in The Wire where a character named Dukie was ganged up on and attacked. The gang that assaulted him knew that he was someone who was friends with the rival gang that they had issues with. After seeing Dukie, they immediately confronted him because it did not matter that he was not part of the gang and it did not matter that he was not trespassing. In the ghetto, an individual is automatically an enemy by association or by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The utilization, as well as the selling and purchasing, of drugs are also a large…

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