The Ghetto Essay

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If you walked down any street of the ghetto in any state and you ask any individual how they felt about the police they most likely would say something on the terms of saying something hateful about the police. In these streets people call the ghetto, there’s no respect for these police officers, they see them as paid people who don’t do anything but cause destruction. As you look throughout the history of or country police officers weren’t always the friendliest people ever. For instance in the deep south , African Americans were dragged out their beds or their houses by these police officers and placed in their beds .Sometimes they were hit with their batons or sprayed with hoses , as if they were dogs instead of being humans . Even in …show more content…
However when does this power overtake the protection police officers are supposed to give us citizens. Many police officers end up abusing their power, and when they do have you seen them get arrested? In most cases: officers are suspended, given probation or in the few cases jail. These our minor punishments for such horrific and unjust able crime committed by these so called protection services. Police officers are now above the law, and no one’s knocking, so their able to abuse their powers. These police and public officials are always trying to deny any of these reports of brutality and address their audience saying that it was just one irregular act. In New Jersey alone more than 99 percent of the reports of alleged brutality were left uninvestigated. The officers would push aside these reports as if they weren’t really happening, officers were getting exonerated and also stating that there wasn’t enough evidence. (Huffinting post) How over a course of 4 years couldn’t over 100 cases of police brutality be investigated, this just shows how corrupted this police system really is. Anything that deals with the police that might get them fired or investigated is pushed under the table, as if it didn’t happen at all. When will these individuals’ cases be solved and these police officers finally get

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