The ' Ghetto ' By Richard Rodriguez Essay

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According to the autobiography Hunger of Memory in the perspective of Richard Rodriguez, he gives an insight on the term ‘ghetto.’ ‘Ghetto’ in his view can be interpreted as a minority group. I believe this is what Rodriguez was trying to describe because in the text he uses the word towards a classroom while students are wandering off in his lecture except one student. He compares the student who is attentive to his lecture to himself in his childhood years for the determination to learn. As the girl nods, raises her hand to answer questions, and even takes notes, he relates the similarities between them for the anxiousness to improve in their education and gain knowledge. The ‘ghetto’ classroom reflects the reality he underwent as a young child when the other students weren’t as interested to learn at that age but he was eager from a very early age. The idea he is really trying to create is that the distracted students don’t have confidence to become better in the real world and are in enjoying life like most young school students do. The narrator, however, never used his time to enjoy his life and the company of his family because he was the occasional scholarship boy, focused on succeeding in education but separating himself from liberty as a child and loved ones. Richard Hoggart (1982) asserts, “the scholarship boy must move between environments, his home and the classroom, which are at cultural extremes, opposed” (p. 48). I can agree with the author regarding his…

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