The Gestalt School Of Psychotherapy Essay

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The Gestalt school of psychotherapy was founded by Frederick S Perls and Laura, his wife. Fritz was the name that he was usually referred to by the majority of those around him. He was born in Berlin, Germany in 1893 into a middle class family (Gall, S. B., Beins, B., & Feldman, A. J. 1996). His mother (Amelia Rund) grew up in an Orthodox Jewish environment, while his father (Nathan Perls) was Grand Master in the Freemason Lodge. His father was quite reclusive in his habits. (O 'Leary, E. 2013). The youngest in the family, Fritz had two sisters whom he viewed differently. The family life of Fritz comes with a spectrum of feelings a most families do. His parents were very religious individuals but this seemed to be absent in their physical lives. Nathan, the father, spent a lot of time being reclusive in the household and when he was present he would physically abuse Perl’s mother. He was a German Jew but he rejected the faith by stating that "all religions were man-made crudities, all ­ philosophies were man-made fitting games. I had to take responsibility for myself” (O 'Leary, E. (2013). Taking the past into consideration, Perl’s viewed his early childhood as being a happy time. The dynamic of his family life most likely influenced the theories and teachings that he would later come to. The concept of being Jewish, even though rejecting it, may have influenced the way he was perceived during WWII. During The First World War, Perls served in the medical unit which…

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