The Gestalt Principles and Multitasking Essay example

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The Gestalt Principles and Multitasking Revealed
An Analysis of the Principles
Michael Mohammad
The Art Institute of California- San Diego

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Cognitive Psychology – PSY3010, Section YA, taught by Professor Joycelynn Flowers-ashton.
The Gestalt theory first arose in 1890 as a reaction to the prevalent psychological theory of the time - atomism. Atomism examined parts of things with the idea that these parts could then be put back together to make wholes. Atomists believed the nature of things to be absolute and not dependent on context. Gestalt theorists, on the other hand, were intrigued by the way our mind perceives wholes out of incomplete elements. This analysis paper
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What we are actually seeing is a black crescent shape next to a red circle. Our mind assumes the simpler overlapping circle solution is more likely to be the case than the more complex crescent and circle image.
After analyzing the above principles, it is safe to say that Gestalt grouping may enhance our ability to process complex visual objects by decreasing the time required to understand the individual elements of a particular object. Because the brain learns to take short-cuts through informed assumptions, it can also make mistakes. These perceptual mistakes are noted in illusions.
There have been many debates over whether multitasking enhances or lowers productivity. Despite the controversy surrounding it, the fact of the matter is that multitasking has both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, multitasking lets people take in more tasks and adds variety to a typical workday. However, working on several things at once can be overwhelming to anyone, possibly resulting in meager work output. To maximize the usefulness of multitasking, it is crucial to do this in a way that maximizes its advantages while keeping its disadvantages at a minimum.
The Pros of Multitasking:
Multitasking actually has its benefits for certain tasks. Performing a number of search engine optimization tasks simultaneously allows us to finish more tasks within an 8-hour

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