The German Philosopher And Literary Critic Essay

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The German Philosopher and Literary Critic, Walter Benjamin, claimed in his immense fragmental collection of essays known as Das Passagen-Werk (translated as The Arcades Project) that Architecture uncovers itself as the most important witness to the mysterious mythology of human condition (1002). The German critic 's claim will guide this essay in demystifying this 'mythology ' of the relationship between Architecture as an art to be interpreted in the written word.

What is this 'mythology '? If it is to be understood in the contemporary sense, then this mythology can be read as a collection of symbols and stories through which contemporary culture gives meaning to itself. This creates the idea of Architectural Spaces as witnesses to this mythology which in turn sets out one way in interpreting Architecture 's relationship with Literature (Spurr, 2012).

Benjamin does not just simply claim that Architectural Spaces are 'passive ' evidence of mythological collections, he states that in actuality Architecture 'bears witness ' (1002). In essence, it is a language that holds testimony to a mythology by creating the possibility of interpreting Architecture in a physical and concrete form. However, in Architectural spaces, this interpretation continues unseen to the degree that its physicality only gives meaning indirectly of its material state.

In contemporary times, there is a Philosophical established practise that puts together Architecture and Literature in relation…

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