The Geometry Of The Curve Essay

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In mathematics, the curve generally is an object similar to a straight line, but it does not require to be straight. This speaks to the straight line is a special case of the curve or curves with a curvature of 0. The two-dimensional or three-dimensional Euclidean space curves are interesting subjects for most of the scientists. Many mathematical subjects were assigned to the different meanings depending on the field of study, so the precise meaning depends on the context of referring to them. However, the meaning is the specific example of a more general definition. For example, the curve is a topological space that locally homeomorphic mapping into a straight line. In daily language, this means that the curve is the set of points at the sufficiently small neighborhood of each point on it will look like a straight line while ignoring minor distortions. Examples of such parabolic curve side. Some special curves have been studied in many different areas of mathematics.
The function of the relationship between the two sets is input and output. Each element of the output is related to at least one element of the input. A function may be a curve, but a curve does not mean that a function. For example, in the particular, the curve is most often seen in the cone sections of the curve. The curves in conic sections are the circle, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse. However, only be counted as a function is a parabola. The rest are not the functions because they test failed by the…

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