Essay on The Genius Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da boy
A man who used the combination of his own intellect and imagination to record his designs of the inventions and innovations that could of revolutionized the world. The visionary that studied plenty of disciplines in his lifetime. Taking part in engineering, painting, sculpting, architecture, literature, anatomy and many other scientific subjects. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci added his ingenious mind to such an abundant amount of subjects during his study of them that he epitomized the term Polymath. Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci, Italy 1465 yet his intellect was beyond the time he was born in. He was a scientist, inventor, engineer and most notably known as an artist. Though people believe he should be known as a scientist first before an artist, due to the knowledge he possessed in the scientific world. Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist, an artist, and an engineer and in all of these placements he planted his unorthodox mark them, historians are learning from his research papers to this day. Da Vinci created marvelous inventions and designed plenty ideas of Architectural innovations, war machines, and flying machines. Though none of his inventions were built in his lifetime, his records have used for their knowledge. And inventions created centuries after his passing used his ideas, what seemed to be unorthodox at the time, as the foundation of their inventions. Leonardo legitimately had a full life as he discovered the world for what is and the…

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