The Genie Video Has An Immense Effect On Language Development And Verbal Expression

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The Genie video argues that nurture can have an immense effect on language development and verbal expression. Genie was an extreme case of isolation throughout the vital developmental years. She was deemed "mentally retarded" and locked in a room attached to a chair during her childhood. Her isolation caused her to have deficits in areas of motor development, walking, and language development. She never interacted with anyone and as a result she never learned how to verbally express herself. This case study tested the earlier accepted theory by Noam Chomsky that language is innate and if not learned before the child hits puberty then, it will never be attained. Researches saw a great opportunity to study Genie to further research and put the theory to the test. In the end, they found that the isolation and lack of stimulation caused the part of the brain that processes language and grammar to deteriorate and learn how to function without language. So, she was able to communicate and learn some words but ultimately could not acquire verbal language. This case study proved that nurture or the environment that a person is subjected to can have immense effects on a person 's quality of life.
The Atlantic article argues a theory that we have genes that make us dandelions or orchids. Dandelions are low maintenance and can thrive in almost any environment, whereas orchids require care and attention to thrive and if they don 't receive it they wilt. For dandelion individuals, this…

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