The Geneva Declaration On The Rights Of The Child Essay

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Children have literally no say in which parents they get. It would be great to decide way before you’re born whether you’re born into riches or rags, but we’re not so lucky. We 're born into the lives that we do and yes, we can complain, we can even be emancipated if we want, but we must be able to look after ourselves financially. Children aren’t physically capable of taking care of themselves much like adults do and that is why the Geneva Declaration on the Rights of the Child was approved in 1924 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child was implemented by the international community in 1989. Basically what these two documents state is that children always come first. If a child is sickly, they must be nursed, it states that bottom line, they must grow in a safe and healthy environment. What we find out living in the United States, is almost depressing, we see that, according to Joseph E. Stiglitz from his article Inequality and the American Child, is that it is a ‘beacon of failure’ and that it only adds to the worldwide apathy that exists when it comes to children’s rights.
The American child might not be the actual worst child in the world but when it comes to poverty, the difference between how much money the country has and the way the children are brought up and what they have to go through is something that no other country has. Only in Romania is the rate of child poverty worse than it is here. In countries like Great Britain or the Nordic countries the…

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