Essay about The Genetic Disorder Sickle Cell Anemia

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I decided to do my paper on the genetic disorder Sickle Cell Anemia because it’s a trait that runs in my family and I have 1 cousin and an aunt that have it, so since I have the opportunity to write a paper on a genetic disorder it’s a perfect time to learn more about it. Sickle Cell Anemia is a disorder that affects your red blood cells, normal red blood cells are round where sickle cell red blood cells and hard, sticky, and shaped like sickles that you use to cut wheat, when the hard pointed cells go through the small blood tube, they clog the flow of good red blood cells and then break apart. This can cause pain, damage and lower blood count, or cause anemia. A person with the sickle cell trait does not have the disease, however the presence of the trait might impact their children. Persons with the trait carry one abnormal hemoglobin gene inherited from one parent and one normal hemoglobin gene from the other parent. The hemoglobin gene is a red protein that is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood vertebrates. The sickle cell disease affects people of many nationalities such as Latin Americans, Greeks, and Italians, but mainly if affects people of African descent. The U.S now screens all new born babies for the disease, approximately 1 out of 10-12 African Americans have the sickle cell trait, and 1 out of 400-500 African Americans newborns have the disease. Symptoms and sings of sickle cell anemia often don’t appear until the infant is at least 4…

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