The Generation Of The Millennial Generation Essay

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Matt Madeiro, have you ever heard of him? He is a selfless man who had a goal of raising 25,000 dollars in order to buy a school bus for a village in Nepal with no transportation to school. A bus was delivered to this village on Matt’s 25th birthday which just happened to be on the 25th day of December. His goal was exceeded by a whopping 18,875 dollars and the kids in Nepal were able to get their bus. It’s people like Matt who have been doing good for this world, and many other millennials, like Matt, have also been doing great things for this world. Some people may say that the millennial generation is nothing but narcissistic, technology dependent, and lazy. However, this isn’t true at all. The millennial generation, also known as generation “Y”, is unselfish, smart, and is changing the world. People like Matt Madeiro are not uncommon in today’s society. In fact, “The 2013 Millennial Impact Report revealed that 73% of millennials surveyed volunteered for a non-profit in 2012” (Meade). This percentage is also expected to increase in the coming years and as the generation gets older. Millennials are not only donating their time, but they are also donating their hard earned money. In 2012, according to Kimberly Tierney, 83% of millennials donated to a non-profit organization. This percentage was also an increase from 70% in 2011. The millennial generation also has had more of an opportunity to give back to their respective communities. Whether it was service…

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