The Generation Of Leadership Skills Essay

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As a whole, society and older generations have criticized the Millennials for a long list of reasons, but essentially this new generation is still responsible for the recent surge being seen in the American workforce. Without a generation filled with motivated individuals like this one, the American workforce would spiral out of control with the inability to allow new innovations and skills to enter the field.
V. Motivating Younger Employees to Both Contribute and Remain Loyal
• Communication - Communication is key when trying to motivate and lead someone. Older generations used autocratic leadership, which would influence the workflow for them. The Millennials gravitate towards transformational leadership, where the purpose of the campaign is to excite and challenge followers (Inc).
• Relationship Building - Building relationships is an important feature when looking at an organization, allowing younger people to develop their skills. A group of Millennials was asked about their beliefs on important leadership skills. The top two skills were communication at 58 percent and relationship building at 55 percent.
• Management Layers - When looking at a study, 83 percent of Millennials preferred to work for a company with fewer management layers (Inc). This means that this generation feels there should be less management, allowing them to work up to more important, higher paying positions more easily.
• Quality Health Choices - Good health has been a recommendation by those…

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