The Generation Of Generation X And Y Essay

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Throughout time, generation after generation has emerged and transformed the world. Some had significant accomplishments while others did not. What is it that makes up a remarkable generation? Is it determined by their hard work, values, or intelligence? Past generations fought for their independence, rights, and equality. But what is so salient about generations X and Y? Theses two generations have helped mold how humanity is perceived, and these two generations are going to educate the next generation that follows. Generation X are the parents of generation Y, yet they are very different. However, it is generation Y’s values and take on the world that shows this group of individuals have made a greater impact on society.
The two generations, X and Y, have different perspectives of the work place. “Gen X are generally less loyal to their employers and are more comfortable demanding flexible work arrangements. At work, Gen X are pragmatic and direct, expect change, and also require some flexibility in rules and workplace regulations” (Wiedmer 54). Generation X perceives work as described due to the fact that they are the offspring of the baby boomers. Their parents were frequently laid off from their jobs and learned to anticipate change and embrace it. In response, generation X will question projects and authority giving them an individualistic mindset. The world does not work well together on suspiciousness constant individualism. This world toils with team work.

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