The General Role Of Their Religion Essay

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Throughout the centuries, the Catholic Church was the subject to criticism for their flaw in their structure and system, and disappointments for their actions to common people. More and more people of Europe were beginning to lose their faith in the church 's leadership, and also believed that the Church was overly obsessed with money. One man by the name of Martin Luther ignited a group of people who believed that the Church had fallen away from the teachings of Jesus and their meanings. These believed faults compelled Luther to take action which lead to protestant reformation in 16th century. They started to root their origin of religion at this time and still survived in modern era. In this essay I look at the general role of their religion, and how it affects to prayers. Drawing on the views of Clifford Geertz and Émile Durkheim concerning the relativity between religion symbolism, and religion as society, I argue that, for the members of this community, ‘religion’ is about security and inter- connectedness, and another society beyond their real life.
One aspect of my visit to the “Christian Reformed Churches” that stood out to me was their service held by Koreans in the basement of other church`s. No matter what kind of place is, their service was still same as other protestant services. Just outside the entrance to the building, it was a simple architectural style like any other normal houses around my area. But it was big. Inside, there were no statues of Jesus and…

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